Shatner is a genius!

Ok – look I’m not a huge fan of Star Trek ( the original series). I
liked the next generation – but once I got hooked on Babylon 5 – I left
all that behind.
On the other hand I do watch Boston Legal – which Shatner is on…. as a
Now he shows up on the back of the new phone book in San Antonio as part
of an ad for a law firm. I can only wonder how much he made off the ad.
The best part – the lawyer he plays on the show has “mad cow” disease –
now sure what that says about the law firm in the ad – but it’s funny
none the less.


Block that file!

It turns out that in order for the syncing to work you have to block the file.

In jpilot that’s pretty straight forward you just go to the Backup Menu and add the file.

For gpilotd – it’s a little more obscure. You have to edit .gnome2/gnome-pilot.d/backup-conduit

it has a field call exclude_files:

You provide a space seperated list of files and you are good to go. If you need to escape spaces use double slashes

I had to put two versions of the file name to get this to work – so my file has

exclude_files=WiFiCoreLib WiFiCoreLib.prc

But now it works!

Only one syncing problem left for me. I normally use Jpilot. But to do network syncing with it you have to run jpilot-sync so the port is open when you go to sync. Unfortunately on Ubuntu (Breezy) – jpilot-sync can’t load any of the plugins -which means no backups at all. Guess I’m headed to evolution full time till I can figure this out.

Wifi is cool!

Ok so I’ve had a WiFI network for a long time (not as long as some of you – but probably longer than most).

I recently upgrade my Palm Pilot. I had a venerable m500 for a long time. Actually they haven’t even made one in a couple of years so mine is seriously old in gadget years.

I upgraded to the TX

I was excited because it is a huge upgrade (benchmark on it shows that it is 567% faster than my old palm), color ,and both Bluetooth and Wifi. I thought that would be pretty cool and then I sort of felt let down. It just didn’t seem to add that much.

Now that is changing for me :)

First – I used to subscribe to Audible.com. I really liked it – but I hated my Rio64. I figured I might sign up again once I get an Ipod or something that would make it easy to use Audible on it.

Turns out thanks to AirAudible they have an app that lets me download books directly onto the Palm with no pc involved. Plus I can choose not just the book but what part of the book I want – very convient.

They’ve probably had this for a while but I turned on network syncing under windows – it was nice to be able to sync the palm without going into my office.

It appears that if you use

pilot-xfer -p net:any -l

you can actually wi-fi sync to Linux as well. That’s very nice.

Only one small problem – pilot linux under Linux wants to backup WikiForLib.prc and for some reason that just doesn’t work :( I figure that will get sorted shortly.

Meet the Fockers (2004)

Meet the Fockers (2004)

This is the sequel to Meet The Parents. If you haven’t seen that movie – see it instead. Not that this one is bad. More that this movie suceeds because of the first instead of in spite of it.

What I mean by that is that, there are a lot of jokes in the second film that are basically references to their counter parts in the first film. The thing that makes this film enjoyable is the fact that although they reference the original film they don’t copy it. They put some new spins on it.

Which is actually one of the things that made it fun to watch. You sort of know the joke but it ends up being with different people in a different punch line. Perfect example is the opening flight. In the first film Ben Stiller has the flight from hell. He has a terrible flight attendant he ends up having a fight with on the plane. In this one, the flight couldn’t be more perfect. In fact the same flight attendant shows up but is kind and takes special care of Ben Stiller.

Barabra Steisand and Dustin Hoffman do well as the Fockers. It is somewhat difficult to understand who they could have raised such an uptight kid – but I suppose that is the basis of the comedy.

Bottom Line: Not earth shattering but well above average for a sequel.

Xbox 360 USB Controller to Go Cross-Platform

I admit that I don’t know that much about the 360. I own an Xbox but I never stopped preferring a PS2 – but this seems like a good idea on Microsoft’s part.
Xbox 360 USB Controller to Go Cross-Platform

Live From The Field

Now available in san antonio – the deep fried oreo


24 Hour Party People (2002)

24 Hour Party People (2002)

This is a very odd film. It’s based on a book named after a song by Joy Division.(bonus points if you know what Joy Divsion means without resorting to Google – I didn’t before viewing the film)

So it is mostly true? The film starts off with a performance by the Sex Pistols in Manchester. The weird part is that when they zoom in on the Pistols they cut to actual footage – which is a little confusing. Then they go back to the “movie”. That happens a couple of times in the begining but by the end of the film they pretty much stay in the movie world.

Basically the movie tries to tell the story of the Manchester music scene – Joy Division, New Order, and the Happy Mondays figure prominently in the film.

A big part of liking this film is connected to how interested you are in those bands. The more you know and want to know the happier you’ll probably be with the film. Personally I’m only tangentally interested in them – which brings us to the second part of the film. The main character (Tony) is the guy who setup a record label and narrates the entire film.

At first he is a bit annoying. He’s pompous and over blown – but over the course of the film it actually becomes kind of endearing.

One of my favorite parts in the film is a scene where a big record label comes to buy out Tony and his record label. Then Tony has to explain that his entire goal of setting up a record label was to make sure that he would never be tempted to “Sell Out”. He guarantees this by making his contracts with the bands so loose that he acutally owns nothing – thus removing his opportunity to “Sell Out”. Maybe you have to be there.

Bottom Line: If you want an interesting romp through the musical past of Manchester – you’ve found your film. If that doesn’t sound like you bag I can’t blame you for finding something else in the movie racks.

Kiddo78: Goonies – 20 Year Reunion

The joys of the Internet – wonder where the Goonies Went – now you know – see below!

Kiddo78: Goonies – 20 Year Reunion
I did some research and found a little bit about where the cast is now. Enjoy!

Serenity (2005)

Serenity (2005)

Ok so I saw this. I even talked my fiance into going with me. I didnt’ really watch the show when it was on television. I tried but they kept moving it on me and then it was gone.

I am a big fan of Joss Whedon. I watched Buffy the Vampire Slayer (until it moved to UPN). I love his storytelling and his dialogue.

Which brings us to the film. The movie is supposed to be a capsule which tells the story he wanted to tell in the first season of Firefly but didn’t get to because they cancelled it.

My take on this has always been that Wheadon came off of Buffy and did Firefly and jumped right back into telling epic stories. Which is fine except that , that didn’t give people enough to hang onto about the characters. Basically there was so fun silly period where it seemed very episodic and you could get to know and love the people in the show. There was always the tension between almost ever memer of the show. Which is totally fine if you’ve been watching them for a while, but in the begining it makes it a little hard to like them.

Back to the movie:

The movie is an improvement over the show. The budget is bigger – the special effects are bigger, the camera work is more sophisticated. The film has everything you want in a great Sci-Fi film- good guys, good bad guys, great battles, narrow escapes, scarey technology and a whole lot of moments when you are sure everyone is going to die.

Which by the way is something Whedon doesn’t hold back on. People die. Not just red-shirt no name people. People you know and like die! As a movie goer I thought that was awesome – as a fan it kind of sucked since it meant that whatever else happens those characters won’t be back.

I liked the film even more than I thought I would. The truly suprising thing to me was that Annie liked it so much. She had never seen a single episode of Firefly. Other than a littler confusion about why there were guns instead of lasers, she seemed to really enjoy the ride.

The rumor I read on the net said that he doesn’t plan to make the show again, but he is open to more movies if the film does well. I guess I’ll have to wait and see happens.

Bottom Line: This is a fine example of how great Sci-Fi can be when it is put into the hands of someone who doesn’t count success based on the number of explosions.

P.S. In an odd note – Summer Glau (River Tam) is actually from San Antonio, TX. Small world.

Psycho Beach Party (2000)

Psycho Beach Party (2000)

I actually first saw tis during it’s original run in the theaters in 2000. I’ve meaning meaning to see it again for a while and it came on Logo so I got my chance.

It has Lauren Ambrose who is now famous for 6 feet under – but I got to know her from Can’t Hardly Wait (A great team movie).

This is a seriously campy homage to the beach blanket bingo movies of yor. It was apapted from a play – and in a lot of ways they kept the feeling of theater in the movie.

The dialogue is great – and some of the best moments are when they turn innocent enough language into a funny innuendo.

The author of the play also wrote “Vampire Lesbians of Sodom” which was playing in San Antonio for a long time. Though I think it has ceased it’s run.

My only complaint is that the ending doesn’t really work for me. I don’t want to go into the whole twist thing but let’s just say that my recommendation near the end when “Chicklet” has a very honest and serious discussion with someone turn the film off. You could watch it all the way to the end, but don’t. I’m sure at the time it seemed cool and cutting edge to have a twist but it doesn’t really stand up to the test of time.

Bottom Line: It’s a fine film if you are in the mood for a spoof. Not as great as Top Secret – but still pretty enjoyable if you have a soft spot for camp and Annette Funicello.

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