Tech entrepreneur builds venture in Houston | Chron.com – Houston Chronicle

Cool to see Richard get some press for his new thing Natuba.

You should see the article to see Cory, Nathan, and Will in lab coats.
Tech entrepreneur builds venture in Houston | Chron.com – Houston Chronicle

This is kind of a bummer – I spent a long time on the phone with the guy writing the article and I would like to think I said a lot of good things about Richard – and he picks what amounts to my most awkwardly worded comment in the whole interview -

“Richard has always had a good sense for what the need is that’s coming,” said Dirk Elmendorf, who founded Rackspace with Yoo and still works there as the chief technology evangelist.

“He knows what people are going to need, but he doesn’t always know when they’re going to realize they need it.”

At least they spelled my name right :)

Economics focus | Does America need a recession? | Economist.com

Economics focus | Does America need a recession? | Economist.com

Contrary to popular wisdom, it is not a central bank’s job to prevent recession at any cost. Its task is to keep inflation down (helping smooth out the economic cycle), to protect the financial system, and to prevent a recession turning into a deep slump.

Guitar Hero Via Paralax

Guitar Hero

Live From The Field

On set for a commercial?


Where’s My LVM?

Ran into another issue with VMWare. I wanted to have the main partition be a normal VMWare image – but be able to mount an LVM partition inside the VM – for better performance and to make it easier to access from different environments. It turns out that VMWare server doesn’t support his sort of thing.

Fortunately, someone else has a fix:

vmgbd: VMware generic block device patch

You have to jump through some hoops to make this work under Ubuntu – but I’ve sorted that out for you:

Make sure you have a complier and such on the machine

apt-get install build-essential

Download the current version

wget http://vmgbd.drigon.com/release/vmgbd-0.04.tar.bz2

Expand and make

tar -jxvf vmgbd-0.04.tar.bz2
cd vmgbd-0.0.4

The program is supposed to figure out what needs to be patched for you. This doesn’t seem to work for Ubuntu – but no worries – I’ve got the list.

Make sure this is all one line. This statement makes sure you get a tarball backup of all the files you are patching

sudo tar cvf backup_originals.tar
/usr/bin/vmware-loop /usr/bin/vmware-vdiskmanager /usr/bin/vmrun /usr/lib/vmware-server/bin/vmrun /usr/bin/vmware /usr/lib/vmware-server/bin/vmware /usr/lib/vmware-server/bin/vmware-vmx /usr/lib/vmware-server/lib/snhelper

Now shutdown VMWare (if you don’t you won’t be able to patch one of the files)

sudo /etc/init.d/vmware-server stop

Now apply the patch – again make sure this is all on one line

sudo ./vmgbd /usr/bin/vmware-loop /usr/bin/vmware-vdiskmanager /usr/bin/vmrun /usr/lib/vmware-server/bin/vmrun /usr/bin/vmware /usr/lib/vmware-server/bin/vmware /usr/lib/vmware-server/bin/vmware-vmx /usr/lib/vmware-server/lib/snhelper

It should say 6 files patched – restart VMWare.

Now if you are doing LVM (like me) you are probably going to run into a permission issue. I’m actually using the VMWare Server Admin panel on another machine to control the one I just patched (I haven’t verified that you need to patch both sides of the connection – I just patched them both for completeness).

LVM seems to default partitions to being only rw to root and the group disk. The /dev/lvm is set to read only for root. I added myself to the disk group and changed the permissions on lvm to 750 and set the group to disk. This allowed me to add LVM partitions to the vm.

Keep in mind – that you can now add any kind of block device you want – even loop backs and such. The only thing you must remember is that you have to add things as entire disks and not partitions – which if you are using LVM is very straight forward.

Firms, investors tend to prosper with founders at the helm – USATODAY.com

Firms, investors tend to prosper with founders at the helm – USATODAY.com

Founders know best.

Like coddling parents guiding their kids as they grow, companies’ founders have a gut instinct on how to best care for their babies.

Because founders aren’t looking for the next job, they don’t risk long-term performance for the short. “We reinvent our company every 10 years. We’ve done this four times,” says West, whose SEI Investments is up 1,808%. “It takes five years to reinvent and five years to collect the benefits. The quarterly stuff doesn’t matter as much to the founder.”

Dark Corner Of Configuration

Ok so I’ve been playing with VM Server lately (Who isn’t?) – I’ve installed in on a test box – and was going to admin it from my primary workstation.

In theory – this is dead simple on Feisty

add this to your /etc/apt/sources:

deb http://archive.canoncial.com/ubuntu feisty-commercial main

Then go get a SN from their web site and do

apt-get install vmware-server vmware-tools-kernel-modules

That’s when I hit the wall -you see the deb expects eth0 in the install scripts. For some strange reason I don’t have an eth0 on my workstation. It was driving me crazy – then I learned about /etc/iftab

This little file allows you to put in a label and a mac address and you can then assign that label any time that card is up. It looks like I don’t have an eth0 because it was being reserved for my old network card (which is gone and never coming back). A quick edit to the file and a reboot (because I’m lazy) and everything is fixed.

Kind of useful – but a shame it is in such a strange place…

Live From The Field

Enjoying a pickle juice shaved ice in alamo heights


Welcome to Hadoop!

I’m going to file this under technologies that at some point I’m going to spend a week digging into. It has that glowing feeling of power – and yet currently I don’t think I have the kind of problem that is well suited to this solution – damn shame really…

Welcome to Hadoop!

Yahoo using Hadoop to catch up to Google?

Live From The Field

It is hard to read but it says – ‘This Is Sparta?’


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