You know you need a hair cut and a shave when..

your wife says –

You’re starting to look like Richard Stallman.


Yubikeys – Seems Cool

Ok so I got my new issue of Linux Journal and it had a big article about Yubikeys They’re basically super cheap two factor authentication.

They have a number of neat features –

  • They mimic a keyboard so you don’t have to actually type in your token (I hate having to do that with the RSA token I have
  • You can use them universally (or if you want to do your own validation system you can)
  • They have provided a ton of open source software to make use of them
  • They are spec’d to last 10 years (which seems like a long time)
  • Did I mention they were cheap ($25 in quantities of 1)

I put in an order for some tonight just to play around with them. Where I work, the IT department has already selected the RSA dongles, but I figure in these tough economic times it doesn’t hurt to know the other options (especially if those options are cheap and open source friendly). Who knows maybe I’ll decide to set up my own personal one time password authentication system. I’ve done stranger things with my free time.

Brewer down

I will post the gruesome pic later. For now this is me with my bulldog. He just had two toes fused making him a peg leg bulldog for now . As for me – I dropped a glass carboy that I was cleaning to tranfer beer into it. It exploded and cut me in a number of places. 5 stiches to reseal my right hand and two in my left two. I am totally switching to plastic carboys.
Would have written more but can’t type. Posting this using 1 finger on the iPhone

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Tony shoots but missed

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Even Classier

Not to be out done – my wife found a way to make Truck Nuts (already very classy) even classier – with a little extra something something

InfoMania is my new Best Week Ever

I’ve been watching Best Week Ever since it showed up on VH1 a couple of years ago. It seemed like a guilt free way to catch up on a lot of reality TV I wasn’t ever going to watch.

Lately, it has gone down hill. I love Paul F. Tomkins, but the show has gone from mostly funny clips – to mostly hamming it up. Lame!

Getting back to a simpler (and funnier format) I’ve switch over to InfoMania which is on the tubes and CurrentTV (on directTV).

Sure it is low rent – but it has a lot more laughs per minute and memorable hosts than BestWeekEver (I totally miss Christian Finnegan).

Check it out!

This is going to end badly….

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Life is good when…

You can pair each course at the driscoll with chimay white label and wonderful company

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Wow – they’d never seen Truck Nuts

I’ve teased by wife for some time that I would figure out a way to add Truck Nuts to my beetle – now I know I could get them in a silver that matches.

Super Classy Style

Good Bye Sandy! Hello Chandler!

Ok I started using I want Sandy over a year ago. It was a neat tool. I had two problems with it -

First, you couldn’t set up your own email alias – which would have made it much easier to use.

The second, and more important thing – it didn’t really scale to the volume of stuff I have to track. This ending up being the main reason I started looking for another solution a few months ago.

I just logged in to Sandy today and saw I Want Sandy Going Offline In Dec. Guess it was a good thing I got off of it already. Based on the article sounds like some of the stuff is going to roll into Twitter – which could be cool.

So what did I switch to – Chandler It has it’s problems – but overall it is the best thing I’ve used to date to manage the sheer volume of tasks and ideas that I jumble through.

It has also been nice to be able to easily collaborate with friends through shared categories. And it is accessible through a client (Linux,Mac, & Windoze) or the web. The only thing missing right now is an iPhone app (The web app doesn’t work well in the iPhone browser). This may be something I look into building if I don’t switch over to the Android Dev Phone Hotness (though it looks like that may have to wait because it doesn’t support AT&T 3G (yet))

So if you are into GTD and want to play with a very interesting productivity tool – check Chandler out!

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