Downfall + L4D2

For those of you late to the game – basically Left4Dead was a really great zombie killing experiment. It forced people to work as a team. The recent addition of Survivor mode was great. That being said – there isn’t that much to the game. Now instead of announcing a DLC to add content they announced that they’re going to ship a sequel. Which means the end of Left4Dead 1.

Currently there are 10,000 people who have pledged to no buy the sequel. Guess Valve found a great way to spending the good will they had accumulated.

Two chispas later I totally agree


Platillo mexicana and a very top shelf chispa


Another breakfast indescion

Sweet potato pancake and French toast


Farmers market at pearl stables packed


Fancy jerky – I went with spicy curry


Surfing 8-bit While Resizing My LVM

Smells Like Teen Spirit
Daft Punk
Smooth Criminal
Metallica – one
Welcome to the jungle
That Special Something for that Special Someone

Gonna need to get mp3s of this stuff at some point

Sometimes you need nachos

I’m powering up to learn objective c


The True Story of Keyboard Cat

Hilter as Meme – Fair Use Parody

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