Zombie Honeymoon (2004) |

Zombie Honeymoon (2004)

First – Happy New Year!

Second – Although I didn’t take a break from watching movies, I took a long break from movie reviews. In the end, I’m not sure if you like reading them – but I like writing them – so unless I burn out – I’m back at the keyboard again.

Ok I saw a clip from this film at the Fangoria awards on spike. I figured it seemed like an obvious choice for the first film to watch on New Year’s day.

It is an independant low budget film – good. It’s about a couple of newly weds – hey me too! It has zombies in it – awesome!

Zombie movies are one of those sub genres of film that I enjoy even more as a guilty pleasure than a true passion. I’ve been a fan since seeing the early George Romero films as a kid. Because of that I’m more of a fan of slow zombies than fast zombies. (When you see them you’ll know which is which)

I didn’t go in with very high expectations – that is usually a good idea when you are talking about horror films in general and zombie films in particular. That being said – I still didn’t really like the movie. It took an incredibly long time to get things rolling and even once they were rolling it wasn’t exactly a rollercoaster ride of excitment. More like one of those 25 cent airplane rides outside of a Wal-Mart.

I’ve read a couple of reviews that seemed to like the fact that the movie covered a lot of bases. It was poinant, and hopeful, and gruesome, and silly. I think that they tried to do too many different things and failed at most of them.

They did get one thing right – the sound of the zombie eating human flesh (which at one point goes on for 10 minutes) is seriously disturbing. The foley guy had a field day and did an amazing job of making a series of sounds that seriously disturbed me.

Other than that – not much else to see here. The plot line is pretty predictable – the dialogue is pretty uninspiring. There are a couple moments of humor – but not enough to make it funny. The horror element is largely isolated to the previously mentioned flesh eating. Sure there is some gore – but it isn’t awe inspiring.

My wife felt let down that it really didn’t turn into a zombie movie. You know where there are swarms of zombies that slowly take over and relentlessly attack the main characters. In point of fact – it was “a zombie” movie . Meaning there was 1 zombie in it. (Two if you count the intial zombie who immediatly dies before the dude becomes a zombie).

Bottom Line: Want scary zombies – 28 Days Later – want funny zombies – Shaun of the Dead. Avoid this movie unless you just want to punish yourself.

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