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Mr. & Mrs. Smith (2005)

It looks like I’m catching up on movies from ’05 – which is probably a little sad – considering it’s ’07 – but sometimes that is just how it is.

Let’s start with something outside the film. I’m not sure if they fell “in love” on the set of this movie or Troy – I’ll admit I don’t follow that sort of thing very closely. But I’ll assume they were well into it on this film. I’ll come back to this shortly.

Basically Brad Pitt and Anglina Jolie are married. They have a boring unhappy marriage. It turns out they are both assassins. I’m not sure if that is really a spoiler – I’m going to assume it’s not.

Basically you have the juxtaposition of a normal but boring suburban life crossed with the exiting lives of a couple of assassins. Truth be told I feel like they took the True Lies script – (with Vince Vaugh playing the role of comic best friend instead of Tom Arnold) and said – what if they were BOTH spies (assassins). (Oh and since they are married we can add in some War Of The Roses fight scenes for good measue.)

Don’t get me wrong the movie is completely terrible. It takes a long time to get rolling. Even once it does they add a bunch of twists and turns which elongate the movie – even if they don’t really add that much.

There are some fun parts in the film. I end up stuck on two things. First, the characters don’t seem to be in love at all at the beginning of the film. That’s ok -because they are supposed to end up being in love by the end. The problem is that by the time they get around to being “in love” they just don’t seem believable. Which is really weird since they aren’t really acting right – I mean Pitt ended up leaving his wife for Jolie – I assume that means that there is more than a passing thing between them.

Fine – let’s just say that the romance part of the movie is all just window dressing for the action. That leads me to the second part of my problem with the film. They take themselves so seriously. The entire movie is completely ridiculous. It is so over the top – I mean what kind of person has a secret gun drawer in the second oven?

This just ended up rubbing me the wrong way. I think this is why I end up in the camp that thinks that True Lies got it right. The entire setup in crazy – but in True Lies they end up winking back and letting you laugh at the whole thing. Here I ended up laughing but more than a few times I realized I was laughing at the movie not with it.

According to IMDB some trivia that puts the pieces together for me:

The film’s original script was actually writer Simon Kinberg’s thesis for his Masters in Fine Arts.

The script reportedly went through over fifty drafts. Although original writer Simon Kinberg was the final writer during production, various uncredited writers worked on drafts throughout the film’s development, including Jez Butterworth, ‘John Butterworth’ , Carrie Fisher, Akiva Goldsman, Ted Griffin, Kieran Mulroney, Michele Mulroney, and Terence Winter.

With all that kind of editing it is no wonder that the film has such uneven pacing and emotion.

Bottom Line: See it because you like Pitt and/or Jolie – otherwise – check out True Lies – 2x the body count and 10x the fun.

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