My Big Fat Independent Movie (2005) |

My Big Fat Independent Movie (2005)

I saw that this was at South By Southwest in March. I was told I should see it. It was on IFC recently so I managed to.

Wow – a spoof on independent films from Chris Gore who is the editor of Film Threat. This is supposed to be a send up of independent films – ala Scary Movie or Not Another Team Movie. I would add Date Movie in to that list.

This is that sort of smarter than you – I can see a bunch of movies and then replicate them with less budget and skill of any kind. This movie manages to have a plot that is more than just a string of jokes – but just barely.

I suppose the real problem is that the references are trying to be painfully obvious. So when you don’t get the reference it just seems really stupid. Notice I didn’t say I felt stupid – I feel like they did a crap job and making the joke.

Sure there were some laughs. Most of the time, my wife and I just tried to figure out what they were ripping off. Which is mildly amusing.

But in the end – it doesn’t end up being that much fun. That is the problem that I have with almost all films of this genre. They get so busy throwing references at you they don’t manage to make the movie you are watching any fun – instead you are asked to remember when you watched much better movies.

Bottom Line: If you want to play – spot the reference – knock your self out. Otherwise – watch any of the films they made fun of – Pulp Fiction, My Big Fat Greek Wedding, Swinger, Reservoir Dogs, Good Girl, Run Lola Run, Amelie, Clerks, and a few other random ones.

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