Don’t Play This Game |

Ok I didn’t listen and it cost me hours of my life.

I read this (Desktop Tower Defense Considered Harmful) over on Jeremy Zawodny’s blog.

At then end he says:

Whatever you do, please DO NOT click the link and start playing that game. You may find yourself in the very same time warp that I did…

The bad news – is that he is right. I’ve spent a lot of time the last few nights trying to beat normal level – so far level 40 is where I max out. This game is some kind of skinner box. It is perfectly tuned to my persuasion. Meaning it has action – and resource management and strategy all in one small package.

So assuming you are going to ignore me – just like I ignored Jeremy – you can play the game at


(If you want you can keep your scores in the economysizegeek.com group and we can compare notes).

You have been warned…

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