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Hard to believe but I started posting to this blog way back in March of 2005. I’ve covered a lot of random ground in that time. If you read my feed – you seen a heck of a lot of pictures of things I eat. I spent a lot of time satisfying my craving to write by reviewing movies. I’ve also made a lot of notes about technology I’m experimenting with or learning.
I’ve been tweeting for a while (going back – 07 I used it as a todo list – and jan ’08 I started posting for other people). I admit I like twitter because it is in the moment – totally disposable – and the perfect place to post pictures of food and drink. Then I joined Facebook. I was a hold out. I played with social stuff via Orkut and Friendster – and much like the first time I sat through a discussion of RSS I just didn’t get it. So when MySpace came out and pushed personal webpage design back to the stone age (hello blink tags) I continued to ignore it. Facebook showed up and has grown into a special kind of monster. The kind of monster who converts everyone I know into recruiters. When I tell non-wired friends that I’m not on Facebook they give me that look I used to give people who didn’t have an email address. As a result a lot of random personal thoughts have been pushed there – since that seems to be the place to indulge people if they want to know what I’m up to. Not too long ago I got a column in Linux Journal (which just got picked up for a 6 month contract – woot!). Having to turn in 1500-3000 words a month has done a lot to satisfy my need to write.

That leaves with a very basic question – what do I do with the blog in 2010? High randomness goes to twitter. Facebook gets the – I’m hanging with Max (my son) notifications – and the occupational NSFW post. It is harder to write long technical posts when LinuxJournal wants me to do that every month as it is. Mix that in with my desire to get out of the server running business. Since my blog sits on one of my servers – I need to determine what to do with it so I can shut the server down.

Twitter doesn’t allow me to write very much – and Linux Journal wants it to be on a specific topic (or at least related to Linux users in some way). Originally, I was going to say Facebook limits posts to ~300 characters – giving me more room than Twitter, but not enough for anything of substance. Of course in the process of trying to figure out what the limit was on characters in Facebook I learned about Notes – which are basically blog posts inside of Facebook. For a moment, I contemplated just packing up the blog and moving over there – especially since you can now easily (some would argue too easily) share everything with everybody. The reality is – I prefer my blog to be a separate thing. That’s probably just old-school dislike of the new school single point of failure Internet, but it is a conceit that is easily accommodated.

Since I find myself with more time and control over my direction in 2010 – the blog is going to take a slight turn. I’m hoping to spend this year learning a lot of new things. Normally, I dump that info into a variety of Red n’ Black notebooks that I keep my experimentation logs in. This year I’m going to try to translate those notes into the blog (so I can search and get a better sense of my progress). I’m going to leave it out here in the public Internet because somebody out there might find some of it useful. I’ll probably end up finding a way to notify my Facebook friends (a large number of which don’t use RSS) what’s going on. So if you miss the food pictures – follow me on twitter or friend me on facebook. If you’re interested in following me on a learning journey – stay tuned.

3 Responses to 'Where To Go From Here'
  1. Richard Yoo:

    I think you can import an RSS feed into facebook using Notes… I had it set up awhile back.

  2. Barry:

    Have you thought about using P2? I like the fact that you can post from the front of your blog – it seems to make posting things less “formal” and more like “notes”. We use it internally to document a lot of our systems stuff. I would like to start exposing as much of that as possible publicly soon as well.

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