Let this be a lesson to you! |

One more thing I sorted out this weekend – my brother’s ReplayTV died.
See the picture below for what happens to a piece of electronics left in
a construction area.
The good thing is that a cheap drive was listed on Ben’s Bargains – so
it was a no brainer to re-image and get back in the game.
It was even easier now that they have a windows program to do the
patching – the images are all available via Bit Torrent – so it took
longer to get the screws in and out of the Replay (Why do designers love
putting 30 screws in home electronics) than it did to fix the drive.
After spending some time working on it we decided to check out what they
had done with the product since the buy out. It turns out – nothing –
well they offer big drives – 320 Hours, but that’s it. It’s basically
the same as what I have except mine has automatic commercial skip.
Sad really – they were out there first but they just never put it
together. Frankly even Tivo doesn’t really have it sewn up either. Most
of the people I know who have gotten PVRs in the last 6 months got it
from their sat/cable provider.
Annie has a friend who she was going to give her old Tivo. The friend
isn’t sure she wants it because she still doesn’t understand what it
does. Really really sad. I mean I’m converted – television without a pvr
in front of it is almost unwatchable for me. And most people don’t even
know they should have one…


2 Responses to 'Let this be a lesson to you!'
  1. Bangcock Rubberlaid:

    Wow, sad really, PVRs are AwEsOmE!!!

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